How to plan the perfect weekend in Krakow!

Getting ready to plan your perfect weekend in Krakow and wondering what are some must dos when you are here? We have you covered, we are tourists like you who have lived in Krakow for many months so we know you will enjoy the suggestions below!


Main Square 

The first place you will want to check out when arriving in Krakow is the Main Square. One of the largest medieval squares in Europe it is now home to some of the best restaurants, bars and stores in Krakow. Along with this its host to a range of historic buildings and landmarks including the Adam Mickiewicz monument (where you will find the famous Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl at 9PM) and taking centre stage the Cloth Hall which was one of the first shopping malls in the world. 

Wawel Castle

One of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Krakow! The Wawel Castle is the political and cultural heart of Poland. You can take a walk around the castle for free and check out the amazing views of Poland from the grounds and you will definitely want to set aside a few hours to fully enjoy your time here.

Vistula River

Once you’re done, you can also take a walk alongside the Vistula River which can be seen from inside the Castle grounds and is the longest and largest river in Poland. You can also buy some food and stop alongside the river for a picnic with a view or following the river you can head to the next destination.

Kazimierz District (Jewish Quarter)

After you have checked out all you can in the Main Square and around the city centre, you will definitely want to head to Kazimierz just south of the old town and bordered by the Vistula River. Check out some of the historical sites such as Ghetto Heroes Square and the Jewish Galicia Museum as well as taking in the incredible atmosphere of Kazimierez. There are also some incredible bars and restaurants and you can definitely spend the whole day here.

Town Hall Tower

While in the Main Square be sure to check out the Town Hall Tower, the only building of the 14th century Town Hall still standing and is known as Krakow’s “Leaning tower”. The museum is host to some medieval costumes, information on the city’s history as well as some views of the city at the top of the building, while the balconies are now off limits the views are somewhat still available.

Eat and drink


Pierogi is a delicious Polish food that you simply have to try while in Poland. Pierogi is a a dumpling with sweet or savoury filling. Popular fillings include meat, cheese, potatoes as well as fruits, cream and ice cream. We would highly recommend trying a range of options while you are here (if you are with a group, order a range of options and try out each flavour)! 


If you want to try the Polish zapiekanka, we would highly recommend Okrąglak, located in the Jewish Quarter. This is a great place for some street food as well including Belgium fries, pierogi  and a range of Polish desserts. The zapiekanka is a sandwich made with baguette topped with a range of ingredients from sauteed white mushrooms, cheese, chicken etc and then melted and served with a sauce of your choice. You also have the option of halving your sandwich so you can try out each half with a different topping. At Okrąglak you will be presented with a range of different vendors selling the street food and depending on who you speak to everyone has a different opinion on the best vendor, however all are pretty good (generally better than at the Main Square) so we would recommend looking for the one that is busiest or trying a range of them yourself and finding your favourite, be sure to comment below with your favourite if you do this!

Food trucks 

There a bunch of really cool food trucks all around Krakow and we would highly recommend trying them out, these can be great to grab a quick bite to eat if your in a rush before heading to the pub crawl or night out. These also, like in other countries, have a good range of food depending on what you like. You can try some of the more traditional Polish foods and snacks (zapiekanka and pierogi is our recommendations) or you can try the multiple vendors selling Belgium fries as well as meat vendors and desert vendors and this is a great way to suit everyone if you are in a large group, because they can all decide what they want individually. We would recommend the slow street food area to check out the food trucks. This is very close to the Galeria Krakowska which is also a great place to checkout while you are visiting Krakow to see some of the stores and also has a range of food options as well. 


While you are in Poland you can also try out a guided tour which lets you try some local food. We recommend the vodka tasting with Taste Vodka Krakow. Accompanied by a local guide, you will take a deep dive to Polish culture and cuisine as you savor seven different Polish vodkas in some of the city’s best bars and cafés. Along the way, enjoy a wealth of local snacks and the pierogi (dumpling) tasting. Looking for something else? Check out the best day activities in Krakow or read our blog for other ideas on things to do in Krakow.

Go shopping


If you are looking to check out some of the more commercial shops in Krakow, you are in luck! Krakow hosts some great gallerias, most popular Galeria Krakowska which is indoor shopping centre including over 250 shops and restaurants on 3 levels.

Cloth Hall

As we talked about earlier, effectively the first ever shopping mall in the world and taking centre stage in Krakow’s Main Square you will find the Cloth Hall. Here you will find a range of merchants and it’s definitely worth checking out!

Nowy Kleparz

A popular market in Krakow, Nowy Kleparz is a lively public market located just a short work away from the city centre and is full of kiosks selling everything from fresh meats and produce, memorabilia and clothes. If you are looking to try out local foods we would highly recommend checking out Nowy Kleparz! 

Krakow Nightlife

Something you simply can’t miss, so be sure to go and party during your time in Krakow! We present you some dos and don’ts to have a great Krakow nightlife experience. Of course the best option is joining the Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl. Also, make sure you don’t plan too much for the next day, you may need some time to chill.