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Our tours are designed to sprinkle a little magic into every step, Although our company Krawl Through Krakow primarily focuses on offering the best pub crawl in Krakow, we do offer some other alternative tours that will make your trip to Krakow even more memorable! 

Brewery Tour

Embark on a brewery experience that stands apart from the rest. Join our master brewer as they lead you through the intricate beer crafting journey at one of Krakow’s premier craft breweries.

This tour is unparalleled and fully immersive. You’ll get hands-on with the brewing machinery, sample the raw ingredients, and even draw your own beer directly from the brewing tank.

The adventure continues as you sample a selection of 8 freshly brewed beers, each perfectly paired with a sumptuous Polish BBQ feast.


✓ Guided Brewery Tour led by a Master Brewer

✓ Explore the production secrets

Taste the raw ingredients and pour your own beers from the vat

✓ Try 8 unique freshly brewed craft beers

✓ Indulge in delicious traditional Polish food to soak up the beer

✓ Insider tips and discounts at Krakow’s best beer gardens and beer pubs

Price: 220zł per person

Polish Vodka Tasting

When visiting the beautiful city of Kraków, trying out the amazing local vodka is simply a must. The spirit is very different to what you’d expect back home and like whiskey in Ireland or Scotland there’s regional varieties, controversy over the perfect ingredients and whole lot of history and culture that makes the beverage incredibly special. Whether it’s the purest of clear vodkas, ancient herbal infusions or a wild array of finely crafted flavoured varieties; the Poles have it covered.

✓ Includes 7 tastings of the very best of a variety of Polish Vodkas.

✓ Everything from the oldest and most traditional clear vodkas down to the more modern and incredibly tasty flavoured varieties.

✓ A crash course in the history, production, evolution and drinking culture of vodka plus all the funny stories that go with it.

✓ Tasty Polish Tapas snacks to soak up vodka and free softs to clear the palate.

✓ A mini vodka cocktail-making masterclass with a prize cocktail giveaway.

✓ Amazing tips on all the best of Krakow’s fantastic food, drink, activities, and nightlife.

Price: 275zł

Krakow Food Tour

Experience authentic traditional Polish food with Krakow Food Tour!

Taste local flavors and get a great introduction to Polish food, culture, and the city. A delicious way to experience Polish cuisine

Have fun with your English Speaking Guide and fellow travelers.

Polish food is delicious, varied, and a real melting pot of influences. If you’re visiting Krakow, a food tour is a fantastic way to learn about the city’s gastronomic heritage while sampling some of its best dishes.

During the 3.5-hour tour, you’ll sample 13-14 Polish foods at some of the best spots in Krakow. Experience Old Town Market Square as well as wander through the Jewish District Kazimierz. After sampling Polish street food we sit down to enjoy a food platter and then we will try traditional Polish main courses.

Your English-speaking guide will share stories and anecdotes about Krakow’s rich food culture. 

Price: 329zł per person

Beer Tasting Tour

Your adventure kicks off in the bustling Main Market Square, where your guide whisks you away to a cozy side street, home to one of Krakow’s top spots for craft beer. Welcomed with a freshly tapped pint, you’ll dive into the heart of Krakow’s booming craft beer movement, now celebrated as a leading light in Europe for its artisanal brews and innovative microbreweries.

Our expert will guide you through a diverse selection of brews on tap, including crisp lagers, bold IPAs, rich porters, smooth stouts, refreshing wheat beers, and tangy sours.

✓  The tastings are our Craft Beer Pub located in the heart of Krakow old town
✓  1.5 Hour tasting guided by a Brewing Specialist
✓  Try up to 8 different types of beer and learn the brewing techniques and ingredients
✓  Enjoy great homemade pub food
✓  Receive a souvenir after the tasting
✓  Discount vouchers to use at specific Krakow bar establishments

Price: 125zł per person

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