Unlimited beer, vodka, whisky, gin, rum x mixers for 1 hour!



1 free shot at the entrance of every venue!


priceless night out

Every night we go to different venues!


professional drunk guides

We will bring you to the best  parties in town!


contests & games

Win our pub krawl t-shirts and much more!


85 zl GIRLS - 90 zl GUYS


Discover the best Bars & Clubs in Krakow and experience the magic of Krakow Nightlife!

Imagine exploring the best bars and clubs of an amazing European city, meeting awesome people from all over the world and getting drunk! If that sounds fun to you then Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl is simply unmissable. It’s the ultimate tour of Krakow nightlife ran by our friendly and fun loving Professional Pub Crawl Pro-Drunk Guides. We cater for absolutely anyone who wants to party, from backpackers to local students.

At Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl we have over 14 years of crazy experience and  we throw the biggest and the best parties in Krakow. We’re the guys that everyone else sets out to imitate so don’t accept any knockoffs. Our Pub Crawl run every single night of the year, starting at 9pm from the Adam’s Statue in the main market square. If you would like to get involved click here or read on below for more details!

The price is only 90zl for guys and 85 for girls and there’s discounts for guests crazy enough to make it out a second night (just keep hold of your wristband).


Explore the magic of Krakow nightlife and meet people from all over the world!



The Original & the best Pub Crawl in Krakow since 2008

We, the Krawl Through Krakow have run for almost a decade. In that time we have concocted a recipe for the most outrageous balls to the wall night out you will ever live through. Scenes from the Hangover set in the backdrop of Medieval Europe are what you should picture. It’s a roller coaster of vodka shots, best underground bars and clubs, toasting with local nutters and punishing your friends in beer pong. It’s any fun person’s wet dream of a night out!What are you waiting for? Join Us tonight for the best Pub Crawl experience you’ll probably forget.

The unfamous Krawl Through Krakow’s POWER HOUR:
1hr of unlimited drinks

It all begins with a seemingly innocent brightly coloured wristband, your ticket to the vodka train. We then kickstart our night with a truly unbeatable drinks deal aptly named ‘THE UNFAMOUS KRAWL THROUGH KRAKOW’S POWER HOUR’. It’s an hour of Unlimited Drinks in one of the best bar in town (and we really really mean Unlimited!), and it’s Rocket Fuel for the fun and debauchery to come. During our Pub Crawl’s Power Hour take advantage of Beer, Rum, Gin, Whiskey or Vodka in shots or mixed with any of the usual softs… As strong and plentiful as you like, as many as you can handle. Order a couple for yourself and save having to make the trip back to the bar, or get a tray for you and your friends. We’re not out to trick you like some lesser Pub Crawl in other cities. We’re going to get drunk! We’re going to have fun! Click here to check on how to join the best Pub Crawl in Krakow.

Pub Crawl drinking games, prizes and contests:

Also featured during the Power Hour: drinking games (too many to list but some of our favourites are beer pong, flip club, drinking Jenga). We have prize giveaways of our special Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl t-shirts for people who successfully pass challenges set by our Pub Crawl Pro-Drunk Guides. It’s the perfect way to break the ice at the start of the night and get the party going in Krakow! After all of this (and I know it sounds like a lot for the first hour), we hit up three more of Krakow’s top bars and clubs. Where exactly varies from night to night. It is totally up to our skilled guides to sniff out where the best party will be. They can smell a good time like a hammerhead shark can find a bleeding diver. You will be treated to welcome shots upon entry to each bar and club and there’s no waiting in line as we skip the queue at each venue. We do NOT believe in pause buttons. We are the original and the best Pub Crawl in Krakow. Join us tonight!

The best of Krakow nightlife in one night only:
The Krawl Through Krakow Experience

The types of venues we tend to find ourselves in vary. They range from cool Polish shot bars and clubs, to funky Disco era underground pubs with a stripper pole on the dance floor to grind away on, or kicking karaoke clubs. We end each night in a pumping club where you can party the night away till the early hours. And all the while our professional photographer will record your night with the kind of clarity your pickled hippocampus won’t allow you to. From start to finish the adventures will be set into digital history, and uploaded to our Facebook profile. Freeze frames to testify to a well night well partied in one of the most beautiful european cities.

Our main tenets are thus: – To make sure that EVERY one of our pubcrawlers is kept safe as they explode into the nightlife culture of Poland and Krakow and all it’s awesome little nooks and crannies. – To make sure that Every one of our pubcrawlers has an amazing time and looks back on their night out as the best part of their days spent in the city.

We take Partying Seriously.
We are Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl.


The Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl Experience

“Awesome Pub Crawl ”
Great staff, great venues, great atmosphere! The best way to sample krakow’s nightlife! Just don’t underestimate the effects of power hour! Great Pub crawl, so good we went on it twice!

“Amazing social bar crawl”
Easy to find, loads of people, friendly and welcoming staff, this bar crawl is everything it should be. Krakow is already full of cool little bars, cheap drinks and friendly people and it brings all these elements together. Highly recommend!
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“Best night out in Krakow!!”
Great night, staff were brilliant. Really good value (the vodka is very strong) so the free bar sets you up for the rest of the night. Very well organised and one of the best nights out in Krakow!! Thanks to the whole team.

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