Polish Vodka Tasting

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When visiting the beautiful city of Kraków, trying out the amazing local vodka is simply a must. The spirit is very different to what you’d expect back home and like whiskey in Ireland or Scotland there’s regional varieties, controversy over the perfect ingredients and whole lot of history and culture that makes the beverage incredibly special. Whether it’s the purest of clear vodkas, ancient herbal infusions or a wild array of finely crafted flavoured varieties; the Poles have it covered.

✓ Includes 7 tastings of the very best of a variety of Polish Vodkas.

✓ Everything from the oldest and most traditional clear vodkas down to the more modern and incredibly tasty flavoured varieties.

✓ A crash course in the history, production, evolution and drinking culture of vodka plus all the funny stories that go with it.

✓ Tasty Polish Tapas snacks to soak up vodka and free softs to clear the palate.

✓ A mini vodka cocktail-making masterclass with a prize cocktail giveaway.

✓ Amazing tips on all the best of Krakow’s fantastic food, drink, activities, and nightlife.

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