How do I get from Krakow Airport to City Centre?

There are a few options here:


The route operates very regularly throughout the day from very early morning to around midnight. This option is cheap with ticket prices at 9.00 PLN one way, and conveniently drops you off at Krakow Główny which is located in the main Galeria Krakowska shopping centre directly beside the city’s old town. 


Krakow Airport is served by three regular bus lines: 208 and 252 and 308 and one night line: 902. Current departures of the city buses are presented on the screen located near the information desk in the main hall. Tickets are 4.60 PLN one way and more information can be found here.


Krakow Airport Taxi

Usually around 100.00 PLN, this option is safe and convenient if you are staying in the city centre, as taxis are one of the few cars that are allowed to drop you off in the city’s old town area. Regular taxis from the centre to the airport range between 40.00 PLN – 100.00 PLN. 


Usually ranges between 30.00 PLN – 45.00 PLN (surcharge fees excluded), and Ubers cannot drop you off directly in the old town area as they are prohibited from doing so – this is a right reserved strictly for taxis. 

Is English spoken in Krakow?

Yes! You won’t have to worry much about a lack of English in the main tourist areas of Krakow, but it does become more Polish the more local you go. If you’re able to make an effort and speak a few simple words like proszę (proh-shuh, please), dziękuję (gin-koo-ya, thank you), na zdrowie (naz-drove-ee-eh, cheers) and dzien dobry (gin-dob-ray, hello), it is much appreciated by locals.


Where is Krakow located?

Krakow is located in Poland, Central Europe. It is 3 hours by train south of Warsaw, 2 hours by car from Zakopane and the Tatra mountains where you can do some skiing/hiking, and a 3 hours train ride east of Wrocław. If you hop on a bus, you can be in Budapest in 8 hours and Prague in 6 hours. Krakow’s time zone is European Central Time (GMT+2), meaning in summer it is 1 hour ahead of England, and in winter it is 2 hours ahead of England.


How do the Auschwitz – Birkenau Full Day Guided Tours work?


Auschwitz is about 70km from Krakow and it usually requires a day to be a able to see Auschwitz, Birkenau. A lot of tour companies include the Wieliczka Salt Mine as an option to see in the same day. You also have a few options about getting to Auschwitz:

Book a tour – several tour agents are available who arrange hotel pick-up, with prices ranging from 150.00 PLN – 300.00 PLN sometimes if including the salt mine. Guides arrange everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. Downside is that these can get very impersonal and sometimes English-speaking abilities are not up to scratch, which detracts from the weight of the site you are visiting. 

Bus – do the tour yourself by taking the bus from the main bus station located at the back of the Galeria Krakowska shopping centre.

Bus tickets can be purchased from the ticket stands for 10.00 PLN – 12.00 PLN each way. Travel time is just over an hour, and the distance to the museum from the bus stop is about a 10min walk. Once at the museum you can purchase a guided tour or a set of earphones with which you are able to walk around by yourself listening to the information (which is definitely the recommended method).

What’s the best accommodation in Krakow?

When we talk about accommodation, there’s usually 3 options that we’re looking at – hostels, aparthotels and hotels. Based on your budget, if you can’t afford a decent hotel, go for a nice aparthotel, if you can’t afford a nice aparthotel, rather go for a hostel. Don’t downgrade on your options, because it won’t be an enjoyable stay if you end up wanting a hotel but can only afford a shitty 2/3 star hotel that costs the same as a really nice aparthotel. 


All-round – Mosquito Hostel

Solo – Flamingo Hostel

Couples – Secret Garden Hostel 

Party – Greg & Tom’s Party Hostel

Digital Nomads – Mundo Hostel 



Great view – Venetian House Aparthotel

Super central & budget-friendly – Pergamin Aparthotel 


Great restaurant, old-school & central location – Hotel Copernicus

Modern Luxury – Hotel PURO Kazimierz 

Breakfast & central location – Hotel Legend 

Wow-factor – Bonerowski Palace

How cheap is Krakow?

Krakow is a very well-priced city relative to other central and eastern European cities. 272 PLN is about the average daily price for more budget-friendly trip to Krakow. The average price of most common purchases are listed below:

Lunch and drink for 2 – 45 – 100 PLN

Dinner for two with two drinks each / a bottle of wine – 200 – 450 PLN 

3/4 star Hotel in Krakow for a couple – 300 PLN – 450 PLN. 

Bottle of water – 1.90 – 6.50 PLN (local convenience shop vs. Starbucks) 

Coffee – 8 – 12 PLN

Pint of beer – 8 – 12 PLN 

Clubbing – usually more expensive because it’s aimed at tourists. You’ll end up spending around 200 – 400 PLN on a night out, if you’re not on a stag do. If you are on a stag do, maybe add another zero to the figures. So it ends up being 100% worth it to do the best pub-crawl in Krakow instead – Krawl through Krakow.

Is Krakow safe?

Krakow in general is very safe – if you lose your wallet, someone’s likely to have found it and handed it in to the nearest coffee shop or posted it on the expats group. You don’t usually have to worry about your drinks too much regarding spiking, unless you’ve been stupid enough to go into a strip club. A female will feel quite comfortable walking back to her hostel/hotel across the square at 3am on her own. The only thing you’ll find in Krakow to be a bit out of hand is the football hooliganism between 2 rival local teams – rather don’t mention Wisła or Krakowia around rougher-looking locals. You might get stabbed or beaten up. The elderly during the day and the drunk Polish men late at night in Krakow are not hugely tolerant of the LGBTQ community, or foreigners who are a different race to them, and sometime impolite, drunk English men. This quite often results in a few nasty words, or in the case of drunk Polish men at night, quite often a fight.


What’s the weather in Krakow like?

Hot months – July, August

Cold months – December, January, February

Mild months – March, April, May, June, September, October, November 

Rainy months – May, June, July, August

Snowy months – December (occasionally), January, February 


Avg Spring temp: 12 – 20°C

Avg Summer temp: 22 – 25°C

Avg Autumn temp: 5 – 18°C

Avg Winter temp: -3 – 2°C

More on Krakow weather here


What’s the best Polish food to try?

Krakow has a wonderful selection of traditional Polish restaurants to try typical Polish food. Poland is well-known for it’s very much meat-and-potato style of cuisine, including lots of meat dishes, dense dumplings, cheeses, pickles, and soups. Great old-style mountain food for the cold! I’d definitely give the following a go:

Pierogi – the humble and comforting Polish dumpling, quite dense and heavy and available in a variety of different flavours from Ruskie (Russian with potatoes and cheese), to Mięsem (meat), Pierogi z Kapusta i Grzybami (mushroom and cabbage) amongst others. There’s even sweet pierogi with cherries and mascarpone cheese. All of which are deliciously, but particularly so when friend in butter.  

Ribs and grilled meats – Polish ribs, sausages and bbq are delicious, the meat just falls off the bone, the sausages are generous, spicy and juicy, there’s always a tasty basting bbq sauce. The main meats used are usually beef or pork and are served in very large quantities. 


Potatoes – mashed, boiled, fried in butter, the Polish love their potatoes! This heavenly little vegetable has been a staple part of the Polish diet since the 1600’s. 

Gulasz (Goulash) – this has a more Eastern European influence, as paprika is a main ingredient of Goulash which originates in Hungary. However, historically speaking, Poland’s borders have been a little bit blurred, so it’s no surprise that the foods are fairly similar. However, many times, this soup and others are served in bread bowls! 

Żurek – a sour /fermented wheat soup which does not sound very appetising, but is actually quite delicious! It’s hearty and warming, and helps to ward off the cold of winter. There’s usually sausage slices inside it, as well as a boiled egg. Lots of protein!

Barszcz – a traditional Polish soup, made predominantly of beetroot, which imparts a glorious red/purple shade to the liquid, and which is served with a dollop of sour cream on top. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a few miniature dumplings inside your dish!

Zapiekanke – this is one of Poland’s most famous street foods. A zapiekanka is an open-face sandwich made of half of a baguette, topped with sautéed white mushrooms, cheese and sometimes other ingredients, and toasted until the cheese melts. Served hot with ketchup, mayo or other sauces. Excellent after a night out.

Where to eat in Krakow? 

It can be a little bit daunting when you’re in a new city to try and figure out where is a good spot to eat. You’re considering price, quality, location and you have absolutely no idea where to find somewhere you’ll be happy with! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered:  

Coffee – Karma, Wesoła Cafe, Cafe Lisboa, Fika 

Breakfast – Gossip Cafe, Cytat Cafe, La Petit 

France, Ranny Płaszek, Charlotte 

Lunch – Cafe Camelot, Cafe Bunkier, Plac Nowy 1, Cheder, Hummus Amamamusi

Dinner – Nolio, Alchemia od kuchni, Pinot, Pimiento Argentino Restaurant (Steak)

Where to go out in Krakow?

Drinks – Szpitalna 1, Bania Luka, Pijalnia, Budda Cocktail Bar, Mercy Brown, BaraWino, Forum Przestrzenie, Alchemia 


Beer – Space Craft Beer, T.E.A Time, House of Beer, Craftownia, Viva la Pinta, Strefa Piwa, Multi Qlti, Nowy Krawftowy


Rooftop – Sheraton Grand Krakow, Vidok Krakow, Hotel Pod Wawelem, Sky Bar at Hotel Stary, Metrum Restobistro


Clubs – Szpitalna 1, Coco, Shakers, Frantic, Prozak, Four Music Club, Teatro Cubano, Choice, Shine, Cocon