How to party in Krakow
Krawl through Krakow Pub Crawl 2020

How to party in Krakow

Krakow, the jewel of Central Europe has over the last few years grown into a popular travel destination for people of all ages. Many come to see and learn about it’s renowned history that stretches all the way back to the 10th century, while some others take advantage of the prices and go on a full week bender…

Knowing that Krakow has more pubs and bars per square meter than anywhere in Europe, it’s allowed for some really unique and exciting venues to grow. We understand that it can be overwhelming with so many options but not enough time, so our Pro Drunk Guides have collected 20 do’s and don’ts for your ultimate Krakow nightlife experience.

The do’s:

1. Join a Pub Crawl 

Skip the hassle of maybe getting scammed or denied entrance at some of the places and take the highroad. The pub crawl will take you to the best places for the given night with no extra entrance fee. You pay an amount of 60 zl, which includes entrance to all 5 venues, an hour of free drinks plus welcome shots at each stop. Great option if you’re up for a big party.

2. Spirytus shot 

You think you can drink? This 96% vodka shot would make anyone sweat, if you decide to take on the challenge please be safe and make sure that you have friends around who will carry you home.

3. Explore Kazimierz 

Many tourists get caught up in all the different bars and clusurrounding the centre of the city, explore further out from the city and you’d find yourself in Kazimierz. This creative and trendy area is full of hidden gems, everything from hip cocktail bars to more sophisticated places.

Bar staff, Mr Vavelsky

4. Be precise in what drink you order 

Be clear with the bar staff when ordering your drinks. There’s more often than not several options when it comes to spirits, be clear and ask for the cheapest one to avoid paying the same prize as you would back home.

The cheapest one is usually the local one as well so cheers to travel experience!

Four Music Club

5. Bar hop

Why settle with one when you have a hundred? Krakow known for its density in bars so why settle with one, venture your way out and explore as many as you can!

6. Events 

Krakow nightlife has a lot of diversity, especially when it comes to the underground/techno scene. There’s usually events going on every weekend so take your chance to see some of Poland’s hottest djs perform live.

7. Bania luka 

A typical Polish bar with people of all ages any time of the day. And great prices where a beer would cost you a total of 1€. Great option for pre-drinks.

8. Late night snack 

No matter what a temptation Mcdonald’s, KFC or Burger King can be, give pierogies a go. The traditional Polish dish comes at a good price and gives you the energy to survive the walk back! 24h pierogi on Slawkowska street is a local favourite.

Upside down shot, Krawl Through Krakow

9. Challenges 

If you were to join Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl make sure to try the infamous upside down shot for a chance to win an exclusive t-shirt, or some other of our drinking games for the best possible outcome of your night.

10. Shot bars 

If you’re looking for something really authentic then I’d definitely recommend going to a shot bar. Thanks to Poland’s love for vodka and their low taxes on alcohol, everything comes at a reasonable price and it’s as delicious vodka will get.

(Bonus) Milkbar 

Need some food to wake you up the day after? There’s plenty of milk bars all over Krakow where you can get typical polish cuisine for a reasonable price. We recommend Milk Bar on Tomasza street.

(Bonus) Tipping

If you end up having a few coins after your purchase, tip the bar staff to help the clubs grow and maintain.

The don’ts:

1. Don’t pay with big notes 

Many bars in Krakow are often low on change so try and pay with either card or smaller notes.

2. Don’t drink on the street 

Many come to Krakow thinking it’s completely fine to have a few beers on the street, but no. If you are seen by any form of police holding an opened bottle of alcohol they will most likely approach and fine you. Although many bars have an outer area where you would be allowed to drink.

3. Don’t mess with the bouncers 

I’ve been to many different bars and clubs across the world with some pretty terrifying bouncers but Poland takes the price. Do what you’re told and don’t talk back, you don’t want to be on the receiving end on this one.

4. Avoid street promoters 

Be aware of all the promoters roaming the streets, many of them will try and reel you in by offering free shots and naked woman. This might be true but nothing is free and you might leave with an empty wallet.

5. No costumes 

If you’re a stag/hen make sure to have a second outfit ready if you were to wear a costume. A few clubs will deny you entrance if you’re not properly dressed.

6. Don’t underestimate vodka 

It’s cheap we get it, but strong. Trust our pro drunk guides and start slow, there’s a long night ahead of you.

7. Layers of clothes 

Majority of the venues you will go to here in Krakow are underground, therefore wearing a lot of layers might not be the best option since it gets warm rather quick. If you could manage without a jacket you’d save a lot of time, but of course coat rooms will be available at the more popular clubs.

8. Don’t pass out 

Working on one of the pub crawls in Krakow we get to see this quite a lot… Take care of yourself and have a water in between if necessary, you don’t want to wake up in the drunk tank. 

9. Western brands 

Many people order whatever they would order at home, it’s not only more expensive but it takes away from the polish culture. Embrace Krakow nightlife and order whatever is local, both you and your wallet will benefit.

10. Auschwitz the day after 

Don’t plan to go to Auschwitz the day after a big night out, might seem like a great idea to save some time but after a few beers, Krakow has you.


Hope you found these tips and tricks useful and that you’re already planning your trip to Krakow! You can find us by the Adam Mickiewicz statue starting from 8.45 pm everyday where our Pro Drunk guides have the biggest party all planned out for you, just look for the pink umbrella and enjoy Krakow nightlife!

You can read more about Krakow’s night life and party in our blog.