Krakow may not be the biggest city in Europe, but like they say; it’s not the size that matters, it’s the way you use it. With over 180,000 students and legend of the city having the highest density of bars in the world, there are countless parties every single night to experience!

All of these parties and bars…it can be a real mess to decide where to go! Even when you find somewhere, have you picked the right place? What music will they have? Do I need to buy tickets in advance? What’s the dress code

New cities and surroundings can sometimes be confusing but not to worry, here are just a few reasons you need to party with the Krawl though Krakow!

We take you to the best bars/clubs

Let’s be honest, with the sheer number of bars around, you’ll most likely end up somewhere with watered down beer and 40-year-old Polish villagers to ‘chat-up’. Why not join the Krawl, as every night we change bars/clubs, heading to whatever the hottest venues are in the city!

We’re super easy to find!

Krakow is notorious for underground pubs and hidden little watering holes. Trying to find these little places often leave tourists lost and sober….not an ideal night. Why not the alternative? Head to Adams statue in the main square for 9 pm where you won’t be able to miss the growing group of Krawlers and guides with big pink signs!

Our guides are professionally trained drunks

Okay, so it’s not exactly an official qualification, but if drunkenness is relative to the dedication, then there’s no one you’d rather want with you. Summer and winter, rain or shine, our guides are out there doing what they do best; leading the best damn pub crawl in Europe!

Free alcohol

We love to give a good first impression, so for the first hour of the Krawl, you’ll get one hour of free alcohol including; vodka, whisky, gin and beer! A failsafe way to get the party started and set everything up for an awesome night! But a word of warning, you should pace yourself! Some people tend to go overboard on the booze and end up in a puddle of their own chunder before the first hour is up.

Meet new friends

Loads of people come to Krakow from all over the world, and chances are they’re going to end up on the Krawl. With weekend groups averaging at over 100, it’s the best opportunity to meet people in the city.

They do say that going for a few drinks is the best way to break the ice….

VIP entry


Go hard or go home is taken seriously with the KTK, and ‘home’ isn’t in our vocabulary! Join us every night and we’ll end the party at one of the hottest places in town. But none of that queuing business, it’s VIP fast-track entry and a shot on door 😉

Well there you go, some of the reasons you need to join the best pub crawl in Europe!

Remember; 9 pm at Adams Statue………..…every night.