The Big Prize Competition

Somehow the Pub Crawlers have been entrusted with a blog. We’ll be keeping you updated on all the weird and the wonderful in Krakow but to kick it off and raise some awareness we’ve set up an awesome prize competition.

How do you win? Simple. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and message us the best story you have from partying on a night out. It can be anything from the most outright hilarious, debaucherous, beautiful or moving. Whether you fell in love, got thrown in jail or woke up in a different country it doesn’t matter, we want to hear it. If it’s something you’d never tell your Gran though then we definitely want to hear it. The best stories will be posted up for everyone reading pleasure in our shiny new blog (anonymously if requested of course), along with the finest from staff members past and present.

Our absolute favourite will win a 50 Euro flight voucher plus 3 nights hostel stay and unlimited free access to the Pub Crawl for themselves and a plus one. Prize T-shirts will of course be thrown in.

    P.s If you’re reading this and don’t have one to submit yourself, please share and like the post on Facebook and help create a juicy read for yourself in the coming few weeks!