Krakow is the perfect destination for all 4 seasons – in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It won’t be very difficult for you to find things to do in this city no matter what the season or what the weather! With over 9 million tourists visiting Krakow every year, there are more and more people discovering what this UNESCO Heritage city centre has to offer.

Krakow in Spring (March – May)

Spring time in Kraków includes March, April and May. This time of the year sees Krakow blanketed in flowers – they’re literally everywhere, so sorry for those of you with allergies! Spring time sees the restaurants, bars and pubs opening a little longer than their winter months, as well as re-opening their outside seating areas. 


Allergies aside, Krakow is full of activities in Spring. Easter markets are in full swing, covering the main square in stalls selling painted eggs, flowers, jewellery, delicious Krakówian food and various crafts, while girls dressed in celebration outfits dance around to traditional Polish music. 


For the more intellectual, there’s the Copernicus festival in May every year, which provides lectures, discussions, workshops, film screenings and exhibitions focusing on neuroscience, evolutionary biology, physics, law, and philosophy at various venues in the city.

The Wawel Castle is a must throughout the year, but is especially pretty in Spring because everything’s so green and flowers are blooming everywhere. You’re also more than likely to run into a happy couple taking wedding photos on your visit up there! While you’re walking around the city, you may as well go into St Mary’s Basilica in the main square. Spring is also great weather to go on an Auschwitz Tour, Wieliczka Salt Mines, or to join a walking tour through the Jewish quarter or Ghetto, as it’s not too hot yet like in the summer months.

 Krakow weather in March

Krakow weather is still usually very chilly in March, with temperatures averaging around 3°C, with the odd snow storm. Coats, boots and scarves still essential! 

Krakow weather in April

April is lovely weather, the sun’s getting stronger, the skies are getting clearer, and the days are getting longer.

Krakow weather in May

May is possibly the best month to visit Krakow – the weather in Krakow in May is just perfect! Not too cold, not too hot and not much rain!

Krakow in Summer (June – August)

June, July and August bring the warmer weather to Krakow – and the rain, so if you’re here during summer, make sure you bring a brolly for the unexpected hot and humid thunderstorms! And also expect the market square to be absolutely packed with tourists. This is Krakow’s busiest time of the year, seeing the majority of that 9 million tourists we spoke about earlier. 

Hot summery evenings means Aperol Spritz on the terrace, tropical rooftop parties, ladies clinking glasses of Chardonnay, stag parties cheering on their mates to down their 8th beer at 2pm, and the sun only setting over the Kraków horizon at 9:30pm. Long, warm, humid days in the square definitely mean that you should make the most of the outside restaurants, bars and pubs, and go clubbing till the sun comes up! 


Hot summer nights, and loads of tourists in the city mean that Krawl through Krakow‘s pub crawl is running at its peak! Pub crawl guarantees you an entertaining night, filled with shots, beer pong, meeting new people, a professional photographer snapping away all night so you don’t have to, skipping lines with VIP entrance to all your bars and clubs, and a pro drunk guide to look after you and show you around the best spots of the city!   

August in Krakow means one thing – Pierogi Festival!! Usually running over a weekend in the middle of August, this festival for the humble dumpling includes over 100 different types of pierogi to choose from, both sweet, savoury and experimental.  

WATER, BABY!! Be it a visit to EnergyLandia waterpark, a swim in a lake on the outskirts of Krakow like Zakrzówek, white water rafting or just a leisurely cruise down the Wisła river. Anything to do with water is a welcomed addition to a hot summer’s day in Krakow. 

Krakow weather in June

Krakow weather in June is pretty unpredictable – it should be the start of summer so it should be warm, however it can also get quite cold and rainy in June still. 

Krakow weather in July

July weather in Krakow is hot, humid and stormy! Temperatures usually range between 22°C – 28°C. Most of Krakow’s rain falls during this month.

Krakow weather in August

August weather in Krakow is quite similar to that in July, however there’s usually less rain and it’s cooling down in the evenings. 

Krakow in Autumn (September – November)

September, October and November in Kraków is when the weather starts to get a bit chillier. Coats, stockings and boots come out to play, tourists thin out, and the city seems to slow down a little. Krakow, however, is by no means quiet over it’s autumn months, because students make their way back to their studies after their summer holiday.


This is a perfect time of year to join a vodka tasting group, where there’s an intimate setting allowing you to meet new people, sample a few tasty Polish snacks and get a little tipsy on Polish vodka. All in the comfort of a warm, cozy bar. 


Come October, there’s only one thing on every local and student’s mind in Krakow – the Unsound Arts & Music Festival. Always with some large headliners, this is an awesome weekend to spend in Krakow

Autumn is also the best time to explore the city like a tourist – visiting the underground museum below the Rynek, taking a stroll through the Wawel castle when it’s not so crowded anymore, wandering through the beautiful collection of museums and art galleries on offer in the city, and sampling Krakow’s growing coffee culture. 

Krakow weather in September

Krakow weather in September is cooling down after summer and it usually becoming less humid, however it’s still fairly rainy.

Krakow weather in October

October is wonderful weather in Krakow. The nights are getting shorter, the days are mild and dry, and the city is beautifully coloured in shades of red, orange, gold and brown as all the trees are shedding their leaves.

Krakow weather in November

Krakow in November is getting pretty cold. The days are shorter and the city is becoming more grey. You definitely need your gloves, coats and scarves in November!

Krakow in Winter (December – February)

The weather is rather dreary and quite chilly during wintertime in Kraków, which includes December, January and February. You don’t really want to do much unless it involves alcohol, a bit of a laugh with your mates, or something fun and interesting. All of which are included in the activities below!


Warm beer, wine and cider in the market square, and pretty much in most restaurants and bars! Nothing better than having a drink and wandering around a Christmas market in the cold. Not sure if it’s the Christmassy spices and fairy lights all over the city, or just the alcohol that makes everything seem more festive!


The city is covered in Christmas decorations during winter, making it look like a fairytale! Even more so in Zakopane – a mere 2 hour drive south of Kraków and you’re in a winter wonderland. Wander through the markets and do a little 

shopping in the main street of Krupowki, tackle the ski slopes or have a Tyskie and some traditional mountain food in one of the many restaurants on offer! 

Last but not least, in the dark and cold of a Central European winter, you should always make time for a drink and a laugh with friends – that’s why I highly recommend the Comedy Night which is conducted in English every Sunday night at Szpitalna 1. It’s a wonderful way for comedians to showcase their work and it’s a most welcome bit of comic relief at the end of a long winter’s week.

Krakow weather in December

Cold. The weather in Krakow in December is not the nicest. It averages around 2°C. Even though the weather isn’t that good, this month is still a great time to visit because of all the festive Christmas events and lack of tourists.

Krakow weather in January

Very cold. Snowy. Sleety. Windy. It is not very nice weather in Kraków in January, unless you’re south of the city on a ski trip. Bring all your clothes. 

Krakow weather in February

Cold and gloomy. February weather in Krakow is pretty dreary, however there’s lots of activities to keep you occupied and warm. Just don’t forget your winter accessories in this month.