Krakow AK47 Shooting Range Package

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Unlike many other activities available abroad, this is something you will simply NEVER be allowed to do back home. Krakow is the ultimate chance to try your aim with the world’s most famous weapon. Our mixed shooting package includes not only the Kalashnikov, but also a Glock pistol, pump-action shotgun, and the Eastern European equivalent of the Uzi sub-machine gun.

It’s a really fun experience and you can enjoy it safe in the knowledge that you’re being taught and watched over by some of the most experienced and professional instructors in the country. You also don’t have to worry about finding your way to the range as door-to-door transport is included in the price.

If there’s any spare time at the range it’s often possible to pay a little extra and have a go on other weapons such as an M4, MP5, or Dessert Eagle. What is it that makes the AK47 so special though? We’ll leave it to none other than Nicholas Cage to explain.

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