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Embark on a brewery experience that stands apart from the rest. Join our master brewer as they lead you through the intricate beer crafting journey at one of Krakow’s premier craft breweries.

This tour is unparalleled and fully immersive. You’ll get hands-on with the brewing machinery, sample the raw ingredients, and even draw your own beer directly from the brewing tank.

The adventure continues as you sample a selection of 8 freshly brewed beers, each perfectly paired with a sumptuous Polish BBQ feast.


✓ Guided Brewery Tour led by a Master Brewer

✓ Explore the production secrets

✓ Taste the raw ingredients and pour your own beers from the vat

✓ Try 8 unique freshly brewed craft beers

✓ Indulge in delicious traditional Polish food to soak up the beer

✓ Insider tips and discounts at Krakow’s best beer gardens and beer pubs

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