For the best sports bar Krakow experience, our guide will help you find the perfect spot. Our comprehensive guide will take you through some of the best sports bars in this vibrant city, ensuring your nights out are nothing short of memorable.

We’ve curated a list that covers both Krakow’s Old Town and Jewish Quarter, with each bar offering its own unique ambiance and specialties. From recent additions like 442 to hidden gems such as Bro Pub, we’ll provide insights into what makes each sports bar Krakow stand out.

Lastly, if interacting with local fans is high on your agenda while watching live games, we have suggestions for that too. So sit back and let us help plan your perfect night out in Krakow.

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Best Sports Bars in Krakow’s Old Town

Situated in the historic district of Krakow, Old Town combines tradition with modernity to create a vibrant hub. It’s not just about ancient architecture and cobblestone streets; it’s also home to several sports bars, perfect for catching a football match. These venues offer an array of viewing options, from big screens to multiple smaller ones, ensuring you won’t miss any action.

For soccer fans, these venues provide the perfect opportunity to watch both Premier League and Champions League games on their big screens or multiple smaller ones. Let’s delve into some of the best sports bars in this area:


A recent addition to the city’s sports bar scene is 442 sports pub. This lively venue has quickly gained popularity among locals and tourists alike thanks to its impressive line-up of live matches on Sky Sports. The atmosphere here during game nights is electric.

Bania Luka

Bania Luka, another must-visit spot in Old Town Krakow, offers more than just cheap prices for drinks; it boasts a large back room fitted with a huge screen where patrons can enjoy their favorite football games without interruption.

English Football Club

If soccer is more than just a game to you and there’s no chance you’ll miss at least one match of your favorite team, then the English Football Club in Krakow is the place to be. This sports bar is specifically designed for people like you, providing an ideal setting where you can enjoy a refreshing drink while passionately supporting your team in league and championship games.

Located near the historic district, the EFC offers various atmospheres to cater to every fan’s preference. As one of the best-known sports bars in Krakow, it has become a special destination on the city’s map for soccer enthusiasts, particularly those who follow the English Premier League.

Top Sports Bars in Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter, also known as Kazimierz, is a vibrant part of Krakow that’s brimming with history and culture. It’s not just about the historical sites, though; this area is also home to some of the best sports bars where you can catch your favorite football games live.

Bro Pub: A Hidden Gem Serving Craft Beers Along With Live Screenings Of Football Games

For a relaxed atmosphere with no fuss, head to Bro Pub, the perfect spot for craft beers and football matches. This hidden gem serves up delicious craft beers on tap while screening live football matches. Whether you prefer to be inside or outside, Bro Pub has both options available so you can take in the atmosphere and football match of your choice.

Stara Zajezdnia: Microbrewery Within An Old Tram Depot Boasting The Longest Bar In Town

Stara Zajezdnia is another must-visit venue in the Jewish Quarter. Housed inside an old tram depot, it boasts one of the longest bars in town. But it’s not just about its size; Stara Zajezdnia has made a name for itself by brewing its own beer onsite. What better way to watch a match than sipping on freshly brewed ale? Plus, they have several large screens, ensuring every seat gets a good view.

Besides these two standout venues, there are plenty more pubs scattered throughout this historic district, offering unique settings for watching games while enjoying local brews or traditional Polish snacks.

No matter the atmosphere you’re after—from vibrant to peaceful—there’s sure to be something here that’ll satisfy your desires. So next time you are looking for a sports bar Krakow, make sure to explore these spots located within the Jewish Quarter if you want to immerse yourself in an authentic crowd atmosphere during major tournaments like the Euro Cup.

Key Takeaway: 

The Jewish Quarter in Krakow, Poland is home to some of the best sports bars where you can catch live football games. Bro Pub is a hidden gem serving craft beers and screening matches while Stara Zajezdnia is a microbrewery housed inside an old tram depot boasting one of the longest bars in town.

Get Involved with Local Fans

A game isn’t just about what happens on-screen; it’s also about sharing excitement alongside fellow fans. Many locals frequent these establishments come match day, making them ideal locations if you’re looking forward to getting involved in lively discussions about ongoing leagues or simply wanting to immerse yourself in an authentic crowd atmosphere during major tournaments like the Euro Cup.

The 442 sports bar, a recent addition to Krakow’s Old Town, is one such place where the passion for football runs high. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to engage in banter with customers over the latest matches.

In contrast, Bania Luka offers an entirely different experience. Known for its cheap prices and large back room fitted with a huge screen, this venue attracts both local supporters and international tourists alike who want to enjoy games while sampling some of Poland’s finest beers.

Friendly Rivalries & Heated Debates

No matter which team you support or league you follow, there’s nothing quite like being part of a passionate crowd cheering their teams on. Whether it’s discussing player strategies at half-time or debating referee decisions post-match – engaging in conversation with other enthusiasts adds another layer of enjoyment to watching live sports events.

Celebrating Victories Together

When your team wins, there’s no better feeling than celebrating together with fellow fans – especially when surrounded by people who share your joy. High-fives all around as cheers fill up every corner of the bar, creating memories that last long after the final whistle blows.

Making New Friends Over Shared Interests

Sports bars aren’t just places for watching games – they’re social hubs where friendships are forged over shared interests. Thus, you can be sure to have had a great time and potentially make some new acquaintances by the end of the evening


Are you looking for an exciting evening out in Krakow? Head over to  a Sports Bar in Krakow where you can enjoy live sports games while indulging in local craft beers and traditional Polish bar bites.

Whether you’re a tourist or local resident, these gems are worth checking out. With locations available in both the Old Town as well as Jewish Quarter of town; Sports Bar Krakow offers excellent opportunities to socialize with fellow travelers or residents. Make sure not to miss this fantastic opportunity to relish scrumptious snacks along with vibrant ambiance in these sports bar Krakow!