KTK Winter Newsletter

Read on below to find out about the biggest event of the year, a prize competion that could win you a party holiday to Kraków, awesome student package deals and all about the best job offer……in the world!
First of all a huge thankyou to all our guests out there who’ve made this summer so epic. You’ve been drunk. You’ve been funny. You’ve simply been awesome and we’ve already forgiven you for puking on our shoes outside KFC at five in the morning. We’d love to see you all again with our blurry beer googles sometime soon!

If you are thinking of hitting up Kraków in the next few months we’ve got some good news for you. Winter’s coming which means the return to town of 180,000 party hungry students. It means spooky Halloween events, picturesque Christmas markets, mulled wine and basement raves. It also starts the countdown to the biggest event of the whole pubcrawling calendar…..NYE

Still not sure what to do for NYE?
Look no further. This is the biggest event of the year with crazy parties kicking off all over town and our usual deal stuffed with more goodies than Santa’s sack. Instead of one you’ll be getting TWO hours of unlimited beer, wine, rum, gin, whisky, vodka plus also champagne! We’ll line up an enormous buffet of the tastiest Polish and International food to go along with the two hours of free drinks. We’ll hit up three of the city’s best bars or clubs with welcome shots at every venue, a glass of bubbly at midnight and entrance covered by the crawl at every single venue.

Half of our huge summer crew (who sadly had to rejoin the real world) are flying back in from all around the globe for the party on NYE and the big days either side of it. Krakow’s simply the best.

Click here for NYE bookings and more info

Pub Crawl Prize Competition

Win 50Euros of flight vouchers plus 3 nights stay in a city center hostel for yourself and a friend with unlimted VIP access to the pubcrawl for your whole stay. Sounds good? Check out the link here to find out how to get in on the action.


Spooky Halloween Pubcrawl
The event last year was really cool and we’ll aiming to go one better this time around. The pictures from the last party speak for themselves really. We’ll hold a special party on both Saturday before and the actual day of Halloween. There’s still some cheap flights going!  😉
Student Group Package Deal
Our basic package includes airport transfer and pickup, Welcome to Krakow Info Pack, 3 nights accommodation with breakfast, World Famous Pub Crawl, nightclub reservation and Tram Party for just 69€ per person. For a little extra you can also add on cultural trips like Auschwitz and the Saltmines or for the adrenaline junkies activities like go-karting, paintball or AK47-shooting.

To find out more check out the link here.

If you could share the link with your class mates or the social secs of your societies we’d owe you one big time! P.S If you’re the person in contact with us organising a trip you’ll be getting all of this for free!

What’s better than being a guest on the Pubcrawl?

Being a guide on the PubCrawl! Living and partying out here is honestly one of the best experiences you can have. The people and city are amazing and you’ll make lifelong friends and contacts with people from every corner of the globe. We’re looking for a couple of people to join our amazing team in the next few weeks, if you think you have what it takes then send in a quick application here: https://krawlthroughkrakow.com/pub-crawl-jobs/

You’re welcome to share the link with anyone you think might be keen. They’ll owe you a big cold beer if they get lucky with the application!