When it comes to Krakow techno clubs, the city offers a diverse and vibrant scene that caters to all tastes. With an array of venues showcasing cutting-edge electronic music, partygoers can expect unforgettable nights in this historic Polish city.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the most popular techno clubs in Krakow, including Prozak 2.0 with its Funktion One speakers and labyrinthine layout; Stolarska 5’s innovative events held at an abandoned building; Klub Poczta Glowna’s retro vibes and live bands; Add Noce KRK as the newest addition to the scene; and Mash Room hosting unique events in Plac Wolnica.

Beyond these impressive venues, we’ll also delve into notable festivals such as Roof Party – a summer rooftop extravaganza boasting breathtaking views, and Unsound Festival, which explores experimental electronic soundscapes. Lastly, we will highlight influential artists who have helped shape Krakow’s thriving techno culture.

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Krakow Techno Clubs

Krakow’s techno scene is thriving, with numerous clubs offering unforgettable experiences for electronic music enthusiasts. Some of the best venues include Prozak 2.0, Stolarska 5, Klub Poczta Glowna, Add Noce KRK, and Mash Room. Each club has its own unique atmosphere and style that caters to different tastes within the techno genre.

Szpitalna 1

Step into the unique blend of art and music at Szpitalna 1. Experience the fusion of art and music at this old tenement house, featuring three distinct rooms each playing a different style of electronic tunes – something to suit everyone’s tastes.

These clubs are just a small sample of what Krakow techno clubs have to offer. From the intimate and electric atmosphere of Krakow’s exclusive techno parties to Poland’s thriving nightlife culture, there are plenty of venues for any fan of electronic music to explore. So grab your dancing shoes and get ready to explore these unforgettable spots.

Stolarska 5: Innovative events hosted at an abandoned building

The innovative Stolarska 5 began hosting underground events at an abandoned building before transforming into a full-fledged techno club due to popular demand from locals and tourists alike. With its raw industrial setting and top-notch sound system, it offers a truly authentic rave experience.

Klub Poczta Glowna: Retro vibes showcasing live music and bands

Klub Poczta Glowna,a retro-style venue located in an old post office building, showcases live music acts along with talented DJs spinning some of the best techno tunes around town on weekends.
Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and performances.

Add Noce KRK: The newest addition to our Krakow techno clubs scene

Add Noce KRK, one of the newest clubs in Krakow, offers a unique blend of techno music with an underground vibe. Boasting a sizable dance area and high-quality audio equipment, Add Noce KRK has quickly become the go-to destination for those looking to experience new music.
Stay updated on their latest events by following them on Facebook.

Mash Room: Located in Plac Wolnica hosting unique techno events

Situated in the heart of Kazimierz district at Plac Wolnica, Mash Room is known for hosting some unforgettable techno parties that cater to both locals and tourists alike. Keep an eye out for their special themed nights and DJ lineups by visiting their Facebook page.

Krakow is an ideal destination for techno fans, with its selection of clubs offering a variety of atmospheres and experiences. With the addition of various festivals and events, Krakow offers plenty to explore in terms of electronic music culture. Moving on from clubs, let’s take a look at some techno festivals and events taking place in Krakow.

Key Takeaway: Krakow’s techno scene is thriving, with numerous clubs offering unforgettable experiences for electronic music enthusiasts. Some of the best venues include Prozak 2.0, Stolarska 5, Klub Poczta Glowna, Add Noce KRK, and Mash Room. Each club has its own unique atmosphere and style that caters to different tastes within the techno genre, such as retro vibes showcasing live music and bands or innovative events hosted at an abandoned building.

Techno Festivals and Events in Krakow

Krakow’s vibrant techno scene is not limited to clubs alone. Throughout the year, Krakow hosts a plethora of celebrations and gatherings that honor its appreciation for techno, providing unforgettable memories to both its inhabitants and visitors. Two of the most popular events include Roof Party and the Unsound Festival.

Roof Party – Summer Rooftop Extravaganza with Breathtaking Views

Taking place during the summer months, the Roof Party is a unique event that combines stunning views of Krakow with top-notch DJ performances. Hosted on rooftops across the city, partygoers can dance under the stars while enjoying panoramic vistas of this beautiful Polish destination. The atmosphere at these parties is electric as people from all walks of life come together to share their passion for techno music.


Unsound Festival – Exploring Experimental Electronic Soundscapes

Held annually in October since its inception in 2003, Unsound Festival has grown into one of Europe’s leading electronic music events. Unsound, which showcases a diverse range of experimental sounds from around the world, Unsound is known for its innovative programming and commitment to pushing boundaries within the genre. Unsound Festival offers an array of activities, including live performances, workshops, panel discussions, and film screenings, to provide a comprehensive exploration of the electronic music scene.

Notable past performers:

  • Ben Frost
  • Aphex Twin
  • Jlin
  • Tim Hecker: Canadian composer renowned for his ambient soundscapes.

If you’re in Krakow and want to experience the vibrant electronic music culture, don’t miss out on these awesome events that highlight the city’s love for modern tunes.

Krakow’s techno festivals and events offer an electrifying atmosphere for all who come to experience the city’s dynamic nocturnal life. Influential artists in Krakow’s Techno Scene have been responsible for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, creating exciting new sounds that continue to shape the local scene.

Key Takeaway: Krakow has a vibrant techno scene with various festivals and events that celebrate the city’s love for techno music, such as Roof Party during the summer months on rooftops across the city and Unsound Festival held annually in October showcasing experimental sounds from around the world. These events offer unforgettable experiences for both locals and tourists alike to share their passion for cutting-edge electronic music in some of the best Krakow techno clubs.

Influential Artists in Krakow’s Techno Scene

Getting acquainted with local artists will help you appreciate your night out even more as you dive into their creative realms. Discover some influential names shaping up Krakow’s rapidly growing popularity on a global scale within the techno genre. The following artists will perform at the Krakow Techno Clubs mentioned above, but you will have to plan for their performance.


Olivia, a veteran of Krakow’s techno scene with her distinct sound, has been enthralling crowds for over ten years. With her unique blend of dark, hypnotic beats and atmospheric sounds, she never fails to captivate audiences at clubs like Prozak 2.0 or during festivals such as Unsound.

(View events here)


Chino, another prominent figure in the city’s electronic music landscape, is known for his raw, industrial soundscapes that perfectly encapsulate the essence of underground techno culture. His live performances are not to be missed if you’re looking to experience authentic Polish clubbing vibes.

(View events here)

Krakow Loves Adana

  • Name: Deniz Cicek & Robert Heitmann
  • Description: The duo behind Krakow Loves Adana, Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann create mesmerizing synth-pop tunes infused with elements of new wave and post-punk aesthetics.
  • Venues Played: Stolarska 5, Klub Poczta Glowna

(View events here)


  • Name: Eltron John (View events here)
  • Description: As one of the most versatile artists in Krakow’s techno scene, Eltron has been producing and DJing since 2006. His sets range from ambient electronica to pumping house beats.
  • Venues Played: Add Noce KRK, Mash Room

Taking the time to explore these influential artists’ music will undoubtedly enhance your experience while visiting Krakow’s vibrant techno clubs. So, take a plunge into their music before you venture out for an unforgettable night at the Krakow’s exciting techno clubs.


Discover the best Krakow techno clubs and events in Krakow, Poland for an unforgettable night out. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant techno scene and experience innovative sounds from influential artists.