Introduction to drinking games

Drinking games are a great way to get any party started and whether you are in college, on a pub crawl or meeting new people for the first time, Krawl Through Krakow has a drinking game for everyone! So get your drinks ready and get playing!

Krawl Through Krakow favorites!

Here at Krawl Through Krakow. We have a few favorite games to get our guests fully enjoying our pub crawl and are great to get everyone mingling!

Drunk jenga

Definitely a fan favorite of our pub crawl guides and guest is drunk jenga, a great way to get drunk and get to know everyone! A super easy game to set up and enjoy, the rules are the same as jenga but with drinking challenges after each block. These challenges include downing shots and drinks to telling your wildest fantasies.

Take a look at the official Krawl Through Krakow drunk jenga rules here and let us know your drinking rules in the comments below!

Drinking challenges

Our Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl T-shirt is sought out by many of our pub crawl guests, and we have created the perfect way for them to get their hands on one, Drinking challenges! Our favorites include handstand shots and body shots but you can also make anything into a challenge, Arm wrestling, Most push-ups in 30 seconds or first person to finish a drink are some other ideas!

Beer bong

A new favorite that has recently been added to the list of our pub crawl games as well as a staple of every frat party. One of the fastest (And fun) ways to get drunk by downing pints of beers through a funnel, This includes a lot of mess, competitiveness and will end with a lot of great drunk stories to tell! This is also great for drinking challenges and showing off to your friends on Instagram!

Never have I ever

This game is one of the best games to get to meet new people and have tons of fun, It’s great for pub crawls and getting to know people at university parties. This game is usually good to set up once everyones already tipsy to get some better questions and answers.

You can check out the Krawl Through Krakow official pub crawl rules here but you can definitely get creative and come up with your own questions and be ready to find out A LOT of new information about the people you are playing with!

Beer pong

Another pub crawl and frat party favorite is beer pong. This is a great game for everyone to join in and have fun or you can set up some rules and have a tournament to crown the king of beer pong. The Basics of the game consists of 2 teams with 6 cups and the aim to throw the ball into the opposing cups resulting in them downing that cup and the winner being decided when all the opposing cups are gone and you being crowned beer pong champions!

Typically, played with beer (Hence the name!) you can make it more extreme by adding in “Special cups” to each side which can include spirits or another type of drink to ramp up the stakes even more.

Card games

One of the easiest types of drinking games, all you need is a set of cards and you have a full nights worth of drinking games at your fingertips! Krawl Through Krakow has a bunch of different card games to get you started below, be sure to let us know your favorites in the comments! Kings cup is our personal favorite 🙂

Kings cup

We start with one of our favorites and a game you have probably already played if you have been to pre drinks, university or our pub crawl 🙂

Setup for this game is super easy, all you need is one deck of cards, a cup and a table to get started. First put your cup in the middle of the table and set up the cards in a circle (Face down) with the cup in the middle of the circle and you’re all set up, It’s that easy!

You will take turns to each pick up cards and each card has a rule, you can take a look at the Krawl Through Krakow rules list here but some of our favorites include:

8 – Mate, Pick someone to drink every time you drink.

Ace – waterfall, the person with this card drinks and everyone else follows and can only stop once the person who picked the card stops. Good luck!

7 – Heaven master, The person to pick this card can put their hand up at any time during the game (Until the next 7 is picked up) the last person to put up their hand has to drink, Got a friend playing with their phone too much or not getting involved? This is the perfect rule to catch them out and get them playing the game.

And of course the dreaded kings card, each person who picks up the king card pours a quarter of their drink into the cup and the person to pull the last king has to finish the drink off, Down in 8!

Higher or lower

Want a simpler and quicker game? This one is perfect. All you need is one deck of cards, put one card face down on the table and the player has to choose if the next card is higher or lower than that card, if they are right they can continue (to win you must get 4 correct in a row) and if your wrong take a sip of your drink and keep trying!

If you want to get everyone involved you can put one card down and go around in a circle, One player guesses and if they are wrong they drink and put down another card and the next person has a go but if they are correct the next player now has to say higher or lower for the new card and if they are wrong they must drink for him and the previous player, This way can get very intense and fun if you get 5-6 cards right in a row and the next player has to take drinks for each card.


Whatever you call this game it’s a great way to get the party started and is a great way to make someone catch up on drinking if they are late to the party! Place down 10 cards (Face down) in rows of 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Creating a pyramid) and then deal out the remaining cards to the players. Decide if you want to start at the top of the pyramid or the bottom and turn around the first card. Each player has 5 seconds to place the same card down and nominate another player to drink, Each time a player puts down a card the 5 second timer resets and the last person to put the card down gets the final nomination (Only the final nomination counts so the trick is always to be the last one to put the card down).

If someone has come too late to the party it’s a great way for everyone to nominate them to catch them up to your level! You can make the game harder or easier depending on how you start the game, You can start at the bottom of the pyramid being worth 4 sips, So each nomination on the bottom of the row = 4 sips for the player nominated and then the next row being 3 sips working your way up to the top card being 1 sip or you can start at the top of the pyramid with the first card being worth 4 sips and working down to the bottom of the pyramid being 1 sip (Less sips this way). So choose how drunk you are getting tonight and pick your rules accordingly!


The classic card game of bullshit can also be turned into a drinking game pretty easy and can get competitive fast! Each player has a stack of cards, the player starting must start by putting a card face down (For example an 8) and the next player can either put down 1 higher, 1 lower or the same card. You can put down as many cards as you want between 1-4 and you can lie for example putting down 3 8s but putting down 2 3s and an 8, anyone playing the game can call out bullshit at any point and the cards are turned around, if the player was lying about their cards they then pick back up the cards and take a drink, If he was telling the truth the person who shouted bullshit has to pick up the cards and take a drink. The person who gets rid of their cards first is the winner and the person who gets rid of the cards last is the loser (Make then finish their drink at the end to make people get drunk faster!).


In this game you must sit around in a circle with each player dealt cards equally (Face down), One player will start by placing one of their cards face up and then you will go around the circle (clockwise) and you drink the number of sips on the card each time it is “connected”. Each number is connected by the number 1 higher or lower. For example the person puts down a 6 and the next player puts downs a 7 as these cards are connected the person to put down a 6 will have to drink 6 sips and the person who put down a 7 will take 7 sips, This continues until the current is broken which would happen when a card is not connected, For example if the previous card is a 7 and the new card is 4 there is no connection and no one has to drink. This game can definitely get you drinking a lot if you get a few cards connected in a row and is a lot of fun!

(Little to) No equipment games

Card games and ball games are great if you have a planned party but if you’re bored and decide to start drinking without equipment we at Krawl Through Krakow still have you covered! We already talked about one of our favorite no equipment games in never have i ever but here are some more of our personal favorites (Of course you can also include some of our drinking challenges from above, handstand shots and body shots are our favorites).

5 second rule

A game of quick thinking and high intensity which gets more intense (And difficult) as you get drunker. Start with one 2 people, One being the one who will ask the question and one who will answer the question. The player who is asking can ask whatever they like for example, 5 seconds to name 3 animals and if the player loses then he has to drink and then challenges the next player. This game sounds easier than it is when you’re under pressure, add alcohol and you will get a bunch of weird question answers and a lot of fun!

Most likely to

This game can be played a few different ways. The first would be to get everyone in a circle and start off with one player asking any question they would like, for example most likely to get blackout drunk tonight and then a countdown of 3 seconds and everyone points to who they think is most likely get to black out drunk, The person with the most likely to then drinks. You can get super creative with this game and it is a great way to cure some boredom and is great to get to know people more as well!

The second and another fun way we like to play the game is to select 2 partners to play the game, They will stand up in front of everyone (Back to back) and the rest of the players can take turns to ask a question, The players will then decide who is more likely to do it (Pointing inwards for themselves or pointing outwards for the other player) after 3 seconds they turn and face each other, If they are correct they can sit down and pick another couple but if they are wrong they must stay and take a drink!

Pizza box game

Have a bunch of used pizza boxes or amazon boxes in the corner of the room? (Every student ever), This game is perfect for you! First of all flatten your pizza box out and cut or tear it to the size you want (roughly A4 / A3 will work depending on the amount of players), Get yourself a coin and a bunch of friends and each player will flip the coin onto the box, then draw a circle (Same size as the coin) where it landed and write down a rule instead that circle. As the cardboard starts to get filled up more and more you will eventually start landing on these rules and the person landing on the rules then has to do that rule, you can get creative with the rules here but some of our favorites include :

  • Swap a piece of clothing with the person sitting opposite
  • Allow a player to write something on you
  • Take a shot / drink
  • Tell your funniest story / embarrassing story
  • Pick someone else to drink with your opposite hand for the rest of the game
  • You can also include here some group rules that come into place when someone hits it
  • No one can say the word “Drink”
  • No swearing
  • Left (Or right) hand drinking
  • No using each others names

Each time a rule is broken, the person breaking the rules has to drink! If you need some ideas, you can take a look at the official Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl Games here and use them:

  • Official Krawl Through Krakow drunk jenga here
  • Official Krawl Through Krakow 5 second rule here
  • Official Krawl Through Krakow Never have I ever here

You can also use rules from any of the above games (Kings Cup has some great rules for this!), This game is also great as you can completely decide the intensity and direction your game goes, If your aim is to get drunk, get to know each other or flirt with other players you can change the rules you write down accordingly.

Heads or tails

A simple game everyone knows! Simply take a coin and another player, each of you pick a side (Heads or tails) and flip the coin and the loser takes a drink! Very simple, easy and effective if your aim is to get a few drinks down fast!

Still looking for more games?

Here are a mixture of other games we suggest 🙂

Flip cup

All you need for this is a table, a few cups, beers and a 2 teams! Pick 2 teams (Usually around 4 people) and stand each side of the table with 1 cup placed in front of each player on each team (Filled with beer), Choose the 2 players to start and have a countdown, the 2 players will then have to race to finish their drink and put their cup down down on the edge of the table and flip the cup so it lands bottom down, when your teammate successfully does this the next player on the team can then finish their beer and do the same. The first team to drink all 4 beers and flip all 4 cups are the winners, Get ready for this to get very intense very quick!


Sit in a circle and start with one player starting on the number 1, going clockwise in the circle each player must count up from 1 avoiding all multiples of 7, if someone mentions a multiple of 7 they drink and you continue, Pretty simple and effective!

Music game

Another very simple and effective game, You can either pick songs specially to play this game or just put on a party playlist and each time the artist says the title of the song you take a drink, trying to get ready while also catching up on your drinks, Be sure to try out this game!

Just chilling watching a movie with friends while getting drunk? This can also work by picking a word from the movie and every time a character says that word you drink, Alternatively if you’re getting ready to go out to bars / clubs (Or our Pub crawl!) you can each pick a common word and each time everyone says it you all have to drink!

The drunken checklist

If you’re going out to town, playing games at home or joining Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl this is a great game that guarantees a lot of laughter and fun! At the start of your night create a checklist of things that usually happen on a night out and you drink for each time it happens (Also cross it off the list)

  • Somebodys been sick all over the club? – Drink
  • Your drunk friend texting his ex? – Drink
  • You lose that one friend who always gets lost – Drink
  • End up in McDonalds drunk at 3AM again? – Drink

If you can manage to tick off all the challenges on your list you know you have definitely had a good night and all deserve to finish off your drink!

The best Polish drinking games!

Looking to enjoy the Krakow nightlife, relive your time in Krakow or get ready for Krawl Through Krakow pub crawl?

These are the perfect games to get you in the Polish spirit before your big night!


Polish drinking games are a reflection on polish drinking in general, Rather than playing complicated drinking games they prefer to just focus on conversation and getting drunk.

This simple game “Nostrovia” is great for anyone who wants to just get drunk and not worry about a bunch of rules. All you have to do for this game is to shout “Nostrovia” (Polish word for cheers), all friends who hear this around you must also shout and take a drink.

Keep saying this as often as you want throughout the night, drink Vodka for bonus points in this game!


Flanki is a very popular student drinking game in Poland and very different to the simple nature of Nostrovia, In this game you will have an equal amount of players on each team (2 teams), Each player must have a bottle or can of beer and 1 empty can / bottle to place in the center. Both teams stand opposite of each with the empty can in the middle and both teams standing around 5M from the can. One player starts with a tennis or similar sized ball and the aim is to hit the can in the center, if the can is hit all players on this team should start drinking as fast as possible while the other team collect the ball and reset the can and get back to standing behind their line, Then this team can shout “Stop” and the other team must stop drinking for the other team to have a throw. The aim of the game is for all of your players to finish drinking their beers and this is when the game is won. Take a look at this video to see how it’s played.

Truth or dare

While not exactly a Polish drinking game, Truth or dare is a very popular drinking game in Poland especially with students. The group each take turns asking players “Truth or dare”, Truths must be answered no matter how embarrassing and for dares the same. Here are some of Krawl Through Krakow’s favorite dares!


  • Attempt a handstand shot
  • Let someone shave a part of your body
  • Perform for 30 seconds (Rap / singing / dancing etc)
  • Break an egg on your head
  • Post an embarrassing selfie on your social media
  • Kiss one player in the group
  • Run around your apartment naked once (only works for pre drinks)


  • Have you ever stolen anything?
  • Have you ever cheated?
  • What is the weirdest thing you actually enjoy?
  • Tell the most embarrassing drunk story
  • When was the time you masturbated?
  • Drink for each player you would have sex with in the group

Let us know your favorite games in the comments!

That’s a bunch of games we like to play here at Krawl Through Krakow (The NO.1 pub crawl in Krakow nightlife!) But we are sure there are a bunch of games we have missed and everyone has their own favorite drinking games so let us know in the comments section below!

You can also read more about what party and nightlife is like in Krakow in our blog.