Krakow Beer Hall Feast

Feast in style in Krakow’s oldest brewery-restaurant. Built in to historic underground cellars, the in-house micro-brewery serves up a variety of traditional Austro-Hungarian style beer fresh from tank to tap. Whether you want a stein or a yard of ale, there’s a beer for everyone here.

Equal to the quality of the beer is the restaurant’s famous Polish and Bavarian style mountain food. We’re talking beer roasted pork knuckle, wild boar, huge pork schnitzels, steak, ribs etc etc. It’s even possible to have a whole delicious stuffed and roasted pig for a large group. Alongside its famous selection of meat dishes, there’s plenty of lighter snacks and vegetarian options available.

The restaurant is spacious and air-conditioned, with a style reminiscent to an old Austrian fort. Sports are shown on T.V when available so you don’t have to worry about missing your game. There’s also two private rooms (The Hunting room and the Knights’ Hall) for up to 30 people each. The venue is perfectly located just 5 minutes walk from the center of the main square.